TakyBox HTML5 Menu Generator

TakyBox is a new way to generate HTML5 menus that works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platform. Users do not need to have any coding or HTML experience or knowledge. It can be wired easily with the TakyBox Console.

TakyBox can be used for USB thumbdrive delivery and online delivery with Vimeo YouTube and Dropbox. IT WORKS WITH ANY REGULAR USB FLASH DRIVE to deliver your film in. Request a FREE TRIAL today!


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TakyBox with Online Delivery (12 Month)

12-Month Subscription
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TakyBox for USB Delivery (12 Month)

It also work with TakyBox HDMI TV Player.
12-Month Subscription
US$ 168
(Only 14.00) a Month

TakyBox Console for Online Delivery & USB Export (12-Month)

Full access to TakyBox Console. Service included from both TakyBox Online and TakyBox USB Delivery listed above.

If you would like to host the TakyBox project under your current existing domain web site, TakyBox Console Full Accesss service is required.

12-Month Subscription
US$ 228
(Only 19.00) a Month

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